Welcome to Secret Santa

How to get started

Secret Santa is a tradition in the UK and USA where a group of people exchange gifts. Nothing unusual in that, but the Secret in Secret Santa means that you do not know who chooses you your gift!

  • Create a Group. You will need to join the site to get started and create your Secret Santa group.
  • Invite your friends and family to join your group. Everyone can add items to their wishlist to help their Secret Santa choose a gift.
  • Pick when to open your presents and a gift price limit. You can have more than one Gift Circle if you wish.
  • Generate your Group! We will let all your group members know who they have been picked to choose a gift for.
  • Add to your wishlist. Let others know what you would like.
  • Chose a gift for your Secret Santa. Use their wishlist as inspiration.
  • Open your presents! Get together to open your presents or organise a Zoom meeting to open your presents together and share the fun of finding out who bought who's presents!