Welcome to Secret Santa

How to get started

Secret Santa is a tradition in the UK and USA where a group of people exchange gifts without knowing who has chosen their gift.

Our Secret Santa site helps you organise your group, randomly selecting a Secret Santa for each person. You can manage your own wishlist, keep track of gifts you buy and chat with group members.

So if you're wondering how to celebrate Christmas this year, how about creating a Secret Santa group and inviting your friends, family or work colleagues?

  • Create a Group. You will need to join the site to get started and create your Secret Santa group.
  • Invite your friends and family to join your group. Everyone can add items to their wishlist to help their Secret Santa choose a gift.
  • Pick when to open your presents and a gift price limit. You can have more than one Gift Circle if you wish.
  • Generate your Group! We will let all your group members know who they have been picked to choose a gift for.
  • Add to your wishlist. Let others know what you would like.
  • Chose a gift for your Secret Santa. Use their wishlist as inspiration.
  • Open your presents! Get together to open your presents or organise an online video call to open your presents together and share the fun of finding out who bought who's presents!