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A snowman in a yellow hatSecret Santa at work

Celebrate Christmas with your team

This is a great opportunity to show some appreciation and spread some joy in your workplace. Don't miss out on this fun work tradition and sign up today! 🎅

A snowman in a Santa hat with green scarfSecret Santa for friends and family

Bring everyone together at Christmas

Plan where and when to get together and exchange gifts and make sure everyone is involved.

A snowman with matching red and yellow hat and scarfKeep Christmas affordable

Set gift limits with your Secret Santa

With the cost of living continuing to bite, take control of your spending with Secret Santa.

You can set cost limits for your Gift Circles and make sure that everyone gets a present or two.

A snowman in a top hat with a red scarfGifts that people really want

Did Uncle John really want more socks?

Maybe he did, or maybe he really wanted that book that just came out.

With Secret Santa everyone has their own wishlist so you know just what they will love to receive.

A snowman with ear warmersThe big reveal

Set the date and time for the reveal

Maybe you can't all be together to exchange gifts but want to keep the secret until you have all exchanged.

Set the reveal date for your Secret Santa Gift Circle after the last gift exchange to so you all find out who your Secret Santa was together.

A snowman with antlers and a stripy scarfWant to keep the mystery?

Keep people guessing who bought their gift

You can make your Gift Circle anonymous so there is no reveal of who bought for who.

Don't worry if you change your mind, you can change the setting at any time.