Frequently Asked Questions


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  • How do I get started?

    To create a group you first need to Log in or Register. You can create a new Group on the Create Group page or see the Groups you are already member of on the My Groups page.

  • How many people do I need in my Secret Santa group?

    Each group needs a minimum of 5 people (including the organiser) and can have a maximum of 50 - so invite all your friends!

  • Can I give my Group a name?

    Yes you can! You have 50 characters to play with so have some fun.

  • Can I exclude couples from buying for each other?

    Yes you can. Group organisers can create exclusions to stop people buying for each other. Log in to your Group and head to the Exclusions page to view your exclusions and to set new ones up.

  • Do I need to sign up?

    Yes, you need to register with an email address to start or join a Secret Santa group. You can sign up on the Register page.

  • Do I need to pay to join?

    Absolutely not! It is free to create and join our Secret Santa groups.

  • Can we send each other messages?

    Yes, log in to your Group and head over to the Group Chat page to send messages to your Group.

  • Can I create a wishlist?

    Absolutely, everyone likes a hint about what to get you! There is a wishlist page in your Group where you can add items or ideas. Only your Secret Santa will see your wishlist.

  • How do I know who to buy a present for?

    When your Gift Circles have been generated, you will be sent an email to let you know. Follow the link to your Secret Santa group and you will see who you are buying for on the Gifts page.

  • I don't know what to buy for my chosen person, can you help?

    You can see what is on your chosen person's wishlist on the Gifts page. If they have not added anything yet, send them a message on the Gifts page - it will be sent anonymously!

  • How do I invite people?

    Go to the Members page of your Group and you can send out invites by email.

  • What is a Gift Circle?

    A Gift Circle is the group of people who are buying gifts. You can choose to set up one or two in your Secret Santa group. You can set different guide prices and Giving dates and choose the people who are in each Gift Circle.

  • What does Generating a Circle mean?

    When the organiser generates the Gift Circles, we randomly allocate a Secret Santa for each person in each Gift Circle. We respect any Exclusions that have been added.

  • Can everyone see exclusions?

    No, just the Group organiser.

  • Can the organiser see everyone's secret santas?

    No, you can only see who you are buying for until the Reveal date.

  • Can we find out who all the Secret Santas are?

    Yes you can! Each Gift Circle has a Reveal Date as well as a Giving Date, typically the same date. When the Reveal Date is reached you can see the full Gift Circle on the group home page.

  • Why is there a Reveal Date as well as a Giving Date?

    The Reveal Date can be separate to the Giving Date in case your group is not all together when you swap presents. You can delay the Reveal date by up to a week to make sure all presents have been given and you don't spoil the suprise!

  • I've created duplicate Gift Circles or Groups, what do I do?

    You can delete unwanted Gift Circles on the Gift Circle Setup page. You can delete a Group from the Group home page.